Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hello New York City!

This month is CRAZY for me! I feel overwelmed getting everything ready to move to NYC. My last month at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and getting everything ready is more than what I expected.

I can remember my days back in high school in Edgewater Colorado. My art teacher, Jess Quintana was my mentor. He said to me
"You need to move to New York" but I felt too scared to move to the Big Apple. The schools in Denver REALLY suck if you want to do Fashion Illustration or any Art (notice I used the capital A). I'm glad I attended AAU, I feel more confident in myself and in my work. It's interesting how "caliber" of education makes me feel.

So, do what you love to do and even though the timing is off in your life---keep it...chew on it...savor it and see if you still like it...I bet you still do!

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