Tuesday, September 8, 2009

George Stavrinos

This is the first day of my fashion illustration blog, I feel like I want to dedicate this to George Stavrinos who inspired me to draw so passionatly.

Here's how I found out about his work....

I was in high school, I was in the library looking through all the fashion magazines. I picked up the latest Vogue magazine, as I turned the cover, the first page was a Bergdorf Goodman ad with George's work...my mouth dropped to the floor. I was in awe, wondering how did he do it in pencil? Trying to remember the image, I think it was a woman crumbling up a letter in a crepe de Chine dress.


  1. You weren't alone when your jaw dropped Lee ... George had that affect on a lot of us out there! :-) Best of luck with your new blog!


  2. George was my reason to coming to NYC in 1980. I found his drawings in GQ and was amazed at their ethereal and rigorous beauty. I called him one day and he was very kind to invite me to his apartment. What an amazing day. He showed me his endless cubbies of polaroids and lots of drawings for Bergdorf. At the end of our visit, he signed a poster to me. A wonderful real person. We stayed pen pals for many years afterward. He was/is, THE ultimate high fashion draftsman.
    The Gakuin College Book featuring his work is a treasure. Best of Luck with your blog. You beat me to it!


  3. When I was in my teens back in NYC, I started pulling George Stavrinos' drawings from the NY Times to teach myself to draw. We had a large wooden easel in the living room that I used one summer to mimic his work. I never knew his first name up until now and I didn't know when he'd passed away.

    My mother is a photographer who has always beautifully hand-colored her b&w photography. She was my first inspiration. He was my second.

    While it was years before I began working as a graphic artist who handled production for companies like L'Oreal and although I did not continue to illustrate, I never forgot his last name and today just came across the beginnings of my copy of the top drawing you have above that I was using to learn from.

    It is great to see that someone still recognizes his work, many years after his passing. It is too bad that he was gone so soon.

  4. I love reading these experiences.

  5. I'm 52 now, and I used to pore over his illustrations in the NYTimes when I was a kid also! This was in the early-mid seventies. He was inspirational to say the least. I went on to become a graphic designer, but could never approach his illustration calibre.